Gemini partners with UroGPO, a Specialty Networks Company

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UroGPO members now have access to affordable, premium air-charged urodynamic catheters

BOCA RATON, Fla., January 18, 2023 – Gemini Medical Technologies, a privately held U.S.-based urodynamics diagnostics manufacturer, announced a new partnership today with UroGPO, a Specialty Networks Company, that will give urologists a new option for diagnostic testing. This agreement allows UroGPO members, at their discretion, access to Gemini’s air-charged urodynamics catheter line, Atmos.

Atmos is a premium suite of air-charged urodynamics catheters offered at a responsible price. Tested to match the accuracy and consistency of the leading air-charged catheter and designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and patients. Atmos is the smallest air-charged urodynamics catheter offered and is made from a flexible polyurethane material that softens when inside the body alleviating discomfort by easily bending with the movements of your patient.

“We are honored to have been awarded this agreement with UroGPO. We know that practices are having their margins squeezed, and a large part of that is how much the average price of consumables has increased. Catheter pricing has nearly doubled over the last three years. We are giving physicians a new option for urodynamics testing that delivers reliable results and premium comfort at a responsible price.” said Brian Hersh, General Manager of Gemini.

“UroGPO and Specialty Networks have recognized an increased need for our members to gain access to new options, specifically in the Urodynamic catheter market. As such, we have responded with developing what we believe is an extremely beneficial partnership with Gemini on their Atmos product line. UroGPO will continue to play an active role alongside Gemini to assist our member practices in a seamless product deployment and adoption process with the goal of introducing high impact, quality clinical products at a reasonable price point – all with the goal of helping our member practices thrive in today’s healthcare environments. We are pleased to add Gemini and their Atmos product line to the list of UroGPO industry partners and products.” said Darren J Dieleman, Senior Vice President of Specialty Networks, LLC.

About Gemini

Gemini ( is committed to providing advanced urodynamic solutions and tailored service to improve best practices and quality care. By understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of today’s physicians and their patients, we believe we can build long-term partnerships that will shape the future of urologic diagnostics. Gemini is partnering with you to achieve more.

About Specialty Networks, LLC

Specialty Networks (“SN”) is an integrated, multi-specialty platform with GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations), Life Sciences, and Research solutions in gastroenterology, urology, and rheumatology. SN solutions include patient population health management, patient engagement, clinical research, and workflow automation technologies to achieve Center of Excellence in Standards of Care, Clinical Research, Practice Operations, and Value-based Care. SN leverages the power of its network, represented by over 11,000 providers, to help independent physician practices, industry, wholesalers/distributors, payers, and policymakers improve patient outcomes. Learn more about Specialty Networks at

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