How switching from a urodynamics supplier to a reliable partner can improve your UDS practice

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For over a decade, urology professionals have dealt with the bare minimum. You get what you need but your margins are still tight. You are heard, but not listened to. You get a quick fix, but only when you nag your supplier. It won’t be long before things go back to the way they always were, and you are left feeling tired and not respected. You deserve more. You deserve a reliable, passionate partner in urology.

Having options puts you in charge.

The market for urology supplies was a monopoly for too long. Practices have had to accept what Laborie offered them, including tremendous price increases for catheters. It’s a powerless position that puts you at the mercy of a large company that sees you as little more than a fraction of a line item on a financial report.

At the core of what motivates the Gemini team is a desire to give practices back their ability to choose what makes the most sense for them. We purposely designed our Atmos catheters to provide the accuracy practices are used to with other UDS equipment. Our equipment doesn’t come with an RFID scanner that only lets you use our catheters.

Do we hope you choose to go with us? Of course! But not at the cost of hurting the urology industry at large and watching practices struggle while we hit our quarterly targets. We know that making a switch is not a small decision or process, and we’ll be here to navigate that with you if it makes sense for your practice.

“Atmos catheters are a welcome innovation adding competition in a limited market of urodynamic air-charged catheters. Our experience shows improved comfort with great performance and accuracy at a lower cost when compared to another leading brand.”

Trusting your supplier lets you focus on patients.

We’ve heard from practices that they’ve received letters stating that their equipment warranties would be voided if they used Atmos or any other third-party catheters for their UDS studies. Others have told us about how they’ve paid thousands of dollars to have the RFID scanners removed from their equipment and then get no additional support or service for their brand new machines. Practices have saved $5,000-$25,000 in extended warranty costs by switching to Gemini. All this time and money spent negotiating and confronting a supplier could be better spent focusing on the quality care that you provide.

We want to move forward with you, not backpedal on what we’ve promised. We want to be open and transparent about how things work, not bury terms in contracts and hope you sign before you notice. When we promise to support you, there’s no asterisk attached.

That’s why we present practices with offer letters, not contracts. They include:

More notably, our offer letters don’t include:

Your loyalty is earned and rewarded.

Having multiple options in the urology market now means that how a supplier goes about getting your business is important. There’s a difference between a supplier and a partner. A supplier wants to make the sale, while a partner wants to better the industry as a whole. A supplier applies pressure, while a partner offers flexibility. A supplier is an adversary, while a partner is your ally. A supplier is interested in maintaining the status quo, while a partner wants to grow alongside you. Ultimately, a partner listens and works with you to prove they’re deserving of your trust and dollars.

See what a urodynamics partner looks like in practice

We’ll set up a time to go over what your practice is currently experiencing and talk through the options.
Zero pressure, zero commitment.