Introducing Atmos

Introducing Atmos

See how our premier air-charged urodynamics catheter checks the boxes for both patients and physicians.

The price of urodynamics consumables has increased by 100% over the last 3 years because the market has been owned by a single provider.

For the last twenty years, you’ve been forced to endure recurring price hikes and one-sided customer relationships for a product that has stayed the same simply because there wasn’t another option. That’s why we’ve launched Atmos Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheters offered at a responsible price. Tested to match the accuracy and consistency of the leading air-charged catheter and designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and patients, Atmos gives you choice:

Choose patient comfort

Atmos is designed for patient comfort and a better diagnostic experience with the smallest french size (diameter) and is made from a flexible polyurethane material that softens when inside the body.

Choose perfomance

In a series of tests, Atmos registered accurate results in approximately 2000 data points across the entire Urodynamic pressure spectrum and consistent in vivo results vs the competition.

Choose usability

Atmos is compatible with all brands of urodynamics equipment currently used with air-charge catheters so you can get started without additional training or equipment upgrades.

Say no to bundling contracts. Say no to unfounded price hikes. And say no to equipment upgrades that may prevent you from choosing Atmos. Make the choice for the prosperity of your practice and the well-being of your patients.
When you choose Atmos you’re giving the industry a choice.

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